Our Marketing Plan

March 20th, 2020
Written by Axel Whalen

The Original Idea

Once I built the platform, the next problem to solve was how to market it. It’s funny how the idea didn’t come out at me right away, but I’ll admit it didn’t. I have a list on my phone named ‘Sidesuite Launch Towns.’ It has towns on it such as Bend OR, Taos NM, and Boulder CO. I researched what I thought were the coolest towns in North America. I was going to buy paids ads to spread our message. I knew it wasn’t perfect.

My Eyes Opened

When the idea dawned on me, I felt like I had solved one of the worlds great problems. I hadn’t, but thats how I felt. Why would I market with paid ads when I could market with creators. After all, I was building a marketing machine. If the machine is going to be successful, it’s because it works. If it works, all I need to do is use it.

Test of the Machine

That’s when I decided to do all of the marketing to spread the message about Sidesuite on Sidesuite itself. We will partner with people and their social media accounts to get the word out. It is a test of the machine, and I’m going to document the results over the course of this blog. Post by post.